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Begin your search here by either browsing the full list or setting filters with your specific requirements. Search by area of interest, state, and/or school. For example, if you're interested in an externship in New York that focuses on equine, you would click the box for “Equine” under Area of Interest and click “New York” under State.

Please keep in mind that this tool includes many, but not all externships, available in the United States. You can also look at externship opportunities posted on the AVMA Veterinary Career Center. State and specialty veterinary medical associations might also be a resource.

If you know of an externship that can be included or if you have any questions or comments, please email Amanda Fark.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An externship with any of the organizations listed on this webpage is not guaranteed. References to the organizations listed on this webpage are for general information only. Except externships with the AVMA, the AVMA neither endorses nor recommends any of the externship programs conducted by these organizations.