What to Do in Difficult Situations: A Guide for Rising Professionals

dog with wrapped leg

As you gain experience in your veterinary career, you might continue to face difficult situations where you just don’t know what to do or have questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking your boss or coworkers.

Check out these brief videos to get simple answers to tough questions. Your peers are happy to share their experiences with you to help guide you through difficult situations and safeguard your wellbeing.

When Friends and Family Ask for Free Advice

When Friends and Family Ask for Free Advice

Becoming a veterinarian is hard work and chances are there are people close to you who helped make this dream of yours a reality. It’s natural to want to give back to those people and help them in return, but what happens when friends and family start asking you for discounted or free veterinary care? In this video Dr. Gargamelli offers his advice on how to handle this tough question.


Do You Cry During Euthanasia?

Do you cry during euthanasia?

Performing euthanasia on a pet is likely to be an emotional time for all involved. Owners often cry. But as the veterinarian is it okay to cry during a euthanasia?


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