What to Do in Difficult Situations: A Guide for New Veterinarians

Vet with horse

As you begin your new career as a veterinarian, you’re likely to face situations you’re unsure how to handle. You might even have questions you don’t feel comfortable asking your boss or coworkers.

Check out these brief videos to get simple answers to tough questions. Your veterinary peers are happy to share their experiences with you to help guide you through your first year in practice and safeguard your wellbeing.

What Do I Do if I Make a Mistake or Don’t Know What to Do?

Link to Dr Priya Bhatt's video on What to do if I make a mistake

In this video, Dr. Priya Bhatt provides solutions for what to do if:

  • You make a medical mistake.
  • You can’t figure out a patient’s care plan.


What Happens if an Animal Dies Under My Care?

Link to Dr Libby Todd's video on What happens if an animal dies in your care

Sometimes things happen beyond our control, and a patient unexpectedly dies under our care. Dr. Libby Todd offers advice on how to approach this difficult experience.


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